Greater understanding:
Build bridges between Purchasing and Marketing.

The Purchasing department doesn’t speak Marketing. Marketing doesn’t speak Purchasing. When it comes to IT projects, the individual departments in many companies are talking at cross purposes. They can’t understand each other, because they are pursuing different objectives. This leads to development of IT solutions that fit perfectly into the cost model, but often only meet 30 to 40% of the requirements of the Marketing team.

At best, this is highly inefficient, but frequently marketing opportunities cannot be exploited. More expensive counter-measures and additional activity is needed to survive in a competitive market.

Bridging from Deliberate brings both sides together. Deliberate understands the purchasing side and the marketing side, and can interpret for the two sides. The objective is to develop a framework for an IT solution which covers 100% of Marketing needs and fits into the budget.

A greater vision:
Recognise where IT is going.

What influence does social media have on your company’s IT? Which technological developments are pioneering, and which are just a flash in the pan? What action do we need to take today for the IT of tomorrow?

IT strategy consulting from Deliberate shows you how influences in the market, environment and technology can change your IT, and clarify just how your company can exploit IT to enhance value creation.

With Deliberate, you benefit from the combination of classic consulting competence and technical know-how. From new technology or architecture developments – Deliberate is always at the forefront.

Deliberate can help you with the future alignment of your IT and other relevant technology areas. And develop the required steps along with you, e.g using:

Top Down or Bottom Up approaches
SWOT and Environment Analyses

70% of clients who have used Deliberate’s IT Strategy Consulting Service recommend it to others proactively.

More know-how:
Understanding and using complexity.

Today telecommunication and information technology form highly-complex structures which cannot be separated.

But what does that mean in real terms – for example when developing a contact center solution?

First of all: It’s no longer good enough to be a specialist - you need specialist knowledge across disciplines.
Secondly: This knowledge does not stop at the boundaries of technology.

Beyond the technology know-how needed, knowledge of the influence of technology on business processes and commercial viability are required. What is needed is consideration of an holistic approach – from infrastructure to the user.
Deliberate can guide you through this process and supplies:

Workshops / training sessions.

More reliability:
Achieve goals safely and controlled.

Today’s IT projects are very complex and so are associated with a high level of personnel, time and financial commitment. With project management from Deliberate, you can successfully implement your projects within the framework of the specifications.

The most important part: the start. That’s because the first few steps are critical for future success. So Deliberate first defines objectives with you (“Project Vision”) and involves relevant partners at an early stage (“Harmonisation” and “Commitment”).

Based on many years of experience in project implementation, Deliberate then sets clear areas of focus:

Continual guidance and support at every phase of the project
Focus on management of quality, risk and costs
Focus on measurability of Deliberate’s work
Use of project management methods such as project structure plans, resource planning etc.

More free space:
Outsource services and focus on the essentials.

Deliberate will deliver your service promises! For professional operation of your telecommunication and information technology systems, Deliberate will develop a managed service concept precisely tailored to your needs.

Deliberate’s industry experts understand your company’s core business, will pro-actively pick up themes and offer innovative IT solutions to increase efficiency.

The benefits of our Managed Service:

Relieves pressure on your IT and allows concentration on your core business
Overcoming resource bottlenecks and support when developing new business areas
Complete control of costs and resources
Full service transparency
IT sovereignty remains in your company

More flexibility:
Use services targeted – in all phases of a project.

You can also easily access Deliberate’s service portfolio for individual tasks or specific problems. For greater flexibility – also when it comes to costs.

Use Deliberate’s highly-qualified consultants at all stages of your projects. On top of that, Deliberate’s wide network gives you access to experienced experts, who are trusted by Deliberate and can give you the specialist knowledge you need.

The benefits of our Professional Service:

Access to outstanding expert knowledge (also in the context of temporary employment)
Support and consultancy services in all phases of the IT life-cycle
High quality delivery of service
Bridging personnel bottlenecks

More support:
for smooth procurement processes.

A company’s IT systems are always in a permanent procurement process. New systems have to be integrated, and existing ones continually operated and maintained

Legal conditions exert considerable influence on the activities planned (procurement law, EU directives, open/closed processes etc.).

Deliberate will help you prepare and carry out your procurement activities and tenders, guaranteeing smooth processes thanks to:

Development of tender documents, technical, process related, contractual, service level agreements, definition of KPI’s as per EVB-IT procurement directives / HOAI planning directives
Evaluation of proposals
Contract negotiations and award discussions
Project management after conclusion of contracts
Consideration of all legal requirements


Develop and implement
an innovative contact center platform for 850 agents


The new Genesys contact center infrastructure was added on top of the ongoing operation.


The modular in-house contact center solution takes over seamlessly from the old provider solution.